Walk in the Park


Explore how listening and environmental cues impact how we feel and behave, allowing us to listen to our clients and users with all our senses.

Level of Difficulty:





Choose one person as the facilitator. Everyone, including the facilitator, starts walking around the room at your normal pace and gait. After a few moments, the facilitator announces “lead with your ___” where the blank may be shoulders, forehead, hips, feet, or any other body part. One way to think of leading with a body part is to imagine an invisible string tied to the shoulders, or mentioned body part, and to walk as though that string is tugging you forward.

Get comfortable leading with that body part. After a few moments, the facilitator asks everyone to return to their normal gait.

The facilitator suggests a different body part to be led by. See how leading with a different body part tells you something about your mindset. Listen to your body and what it feels. How does focusing on a physicality elevate that emotion or choice?

Practical Application:

How can we use body language to build empathy with our stakeholders? Our teams? Our customers?

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