Virtual Improv Jam!

We live in some surreal times. I count myself fortunate that I live with my partner and we are able to support one another. We are fortunate we can both work remotely. I realize not everyone lives with a friend, partner, or family member and that everyday more of us find ourselves without work.

I want to reach out. I want to connect with folks. I want to do so safely.

Last night, I hosted a Virtual Improv Jam.

What’s an Improv Jam?

An improv jam is basically a musical jam session, but for improv. Players assemble and just have fun for an hour or two. No shows, no formula, just some activities and exercises. And NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

What did we do?

There were four of us in total. We hung out for an hour. And after some getting to know one another, we played games, intermixed with some joking around and more typical conversations. The general outline was as follows:

We met for an hour. We chatted, connected, and speaking for myself left a little bit lighter than before.

The four attendees of the inaugural Virtual Improv Jam, playing Red Ball, Thank You

Want to Jam?

I plan to host a virtual Jam at least once per week as long as this social distancing is happening. To be the first to know, sign up for the newsletter. I promise to only email you when there are events/big announcements.

If you are part of a team working remote for the first time, contact me and we can discuss a 30-45 minute session for your team. I want to offer Improv Jams for free (as much as that is feasible).

Be safe. Practice self care. We are in this together. Reach out to friends and colleagues if you are struggling.

And please, wash your hands.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Improv Jam!

  1. Hi. Interested in joining up right now. Any chance ?


    1. Hi there! So glad you reached out. Our next Jam is Thursday May 7 at 8PM EDT. Registration link below:


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