So it’s Come to This

Have you ever felt stuck in a conversation? Have you ever run out of small talk and you sit there, idly wondering what to say next to pass the time? Or in professional environments have you ever just needed to break some tension in the room and keep the conversation moving forward?

“So it’s come to this”

Meet my favorite line. So it’s come to this. In improv, this is a way to move conversations forward. To find, identify, call out, or create conflict or resolution. We may use this if two characters are spiraling, or stuck in a transaction scene, and we need to break out of a rut. Or it may be used by a walk-on character to indicate a specific point of view. In improv, this simple phrase is a way to reset, realign, and redirect the scene without an edit. Particularly helpful in long-form monoscenes.

XKCD Webcomic #1022

In real world relationships this phrase can call out the elephant in the room. And in professional settings it could break the ice and keep a dialogue moving.

So it’s come to this allows us to take a moment and reflect. While short in words, it has a multitude of opportunities.

What is it? What is it that we are discussing? Is it the project cadence? The lack of design or development direction? It is the subject of our conversation and asking So it’s come to this allows us to identify our subject.

What is this? Now that we know what we are talking about, what has happened to it? What does it want to become? Is this an impasse in who our target audience is? Is this indecision on development, business, strategic, or design priorities? Or is this the key stakeholder continually missing meetings and we need a new decision maker?

So it’s come to this. It is a short statement, but has a lot to unpack.

How can we use this phrase in the professional space? What other phrases may allow us to dissolve tension in a meaningful and intentional manner? How might we call attention to indecision or conflict while being playful in our surroundings?

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