Collectors Be Warned!

Full disclosure, this post is not meant to be taken seriously.

Now with that out of the way, I’m excited to announce that early buyers of Collaborative Improv are in luck! There is a good chance you are in position of a “long-lightsaber edition” of the book!

What is a long-lightsaber edition? It’s a term I entirely made up. In order to understand it, we need to go back to 1995, when I first started collecting Star Wars action figures. And yes, I still have the collection to this day (it’s mostly original trilogy).

In the mid-90s, Hasbro released all-new Star Wars action figures. I, like many aspiring nerds, hopped on the bandwagon. The lightsabers for the characters started nearly the full height of the character and were reduced (some say for safety, some say to make the weapon more proportional to the characters. It doesn’t matter). Collectors near and far covet the long saber over the short saber, the mismatched packaging, pretty much anything that we can lord over other nerds as “being there first”.

Image result for long lightsaber short saber star wars action figures
‘Rare’ transition Darth Vader with a short lightsaber in a long package, circa 1995

So what’s this have to do with Collaborative Improv? Within a week of launching the book, a colleague noticed a typo in one of the illustrations. I quickly corrected and updated the typo, only for Amazon KDP to reject my cover of all things. I revised the cover (scaled it down 2% or so) and resubmitted.

My copies of Collaborative Improv – available direct when you catch me at a conference or local event!

VOILA! The book is live and updated. It’s still the same edition being a minor edit and all.

But some of you have the coveted typo and large cover. And some of you have the minor edited version. So this is my story of a long-lightsaber edition.

Still looking for your own copy of Collaborative Improv? Why not head to Amazon and grab a copy. While you’re there, please leave a review!

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