Improv Shows: Charm City Comedy Festival

A quick post this week. Last Friday The Flood had the opportunity to perform at the Charm City Comedy Festival in Baltimore. This was our first time performing outside of Philadelphia. The crowd was great, the organizers welcoming, and we had a blast!

Members of The Flood pre-show outside Zissimos Bar, where #CCCFest2019 was held

There seems to be a trend with our last two shows where the audience suggestion has been something around “regretting work decisions”. While this could seem limiting, a quick note on how we start our shows that allows us to explore the curious and fun.

The Flood starts with a suggestion (an emotion and something you might feel that emotion towards). We then have a casual “living room” style conversation discussing that topic and also jumping off on random tangents. One tangent eventually becomes a monologue and kicks off the actual monoscene. Other tidbits form the conversation are often drawn upon for reference.

This being said, we take the audience along for the journey of how we receive a suggestion and evolve it into something original and fun. There is always room for improvement but I have to say for our first time out of our comfortable Philadelphia nook, I’m quite happy with our show.

Post-show, our marketing photo with the #CCCFest2019 board

I’m checking to see if the video quality is worth sharing/posting. In the meantime, my continued thanks for following along the book’s journey and if you haven’t already signed up for updates, be sure to do so! I’m targeting the next 6 weeks to launch!

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