And We’re Live (Sort of)

So today I shared this website on Twitter and elsewhere. So this is public. This is happening. Not much to really on this other than hitting Submit never felt quite so daunting.

Regarding The Book

A quick note on the book

Layout: I’m starting to fight with Microsoft Word on early layout. Ideally I’d have written the book in Markup and used GitHub for a repo through feedback and revisions. But alas, this started on a gDrive folder as a collection of thoughts and grew over time into a manuscript. Lessons for another time.

Illustrations: Along with the layout, I’m starting to tinker with some basic illustrations. I don’t fancy myself a graphics person, and nothing is too intense in the book. Looking for clarity over shiny.

Multimedia: The Flood (my indie improv team) have agreed to help out with crafting the videos. These probably won’t start till April or so, after I can review the content and book a space for recording.

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